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At Gertsen & Olufsen Compensators, we believe in staying ahead of sustainable solutions and improving your maritime fleets and workforce welfare by lessening harmful vibrations.

Gertsen & Olufsen is the market leader in vibration compensation onboard vessels, and our products are renowned for their extreme operational excellence and reliability.

Removing harmful vibrations

In contract to other solutions on the market, our products target the problem not just the symptom.

Protecting your crew and vessel

Vibrations are harmful over time. Choosing a compensator that removes vibrations protects both your vessel and equipment while increasing the wellbeing and health for your crew.

Enabling fuel savings

A compensator increases your operational flexibility because you are no longer restraint by damaging vibrations. This enables you to operate at optimal speed to save fuel.

A strong industry player since 1945

The company was founded by Haakon Gertsen in 1945 as a maritime agent, and in 1962 Bent Olufsen joined the company to quickly rise to partner in 1972. This created Gertsen & Olufsen, and its future rose when Bo Kristensen joined as CEO in 1993. Kristensen developed a unique and ground-breaking compensator solution in 1998, placing Gertsen and Olufsen firmly on the world maritime map.

Today we have expanded into the G&O Maritime Group by joining forces with other world-leading maritime suppliers. Product innovations by industry experts creates the foundation on which G&O Maritime Group stands and proves our dedication to innovative solutions to the maritime industry’s problems.

Part of G&O Maritime Group

G&O Maritime group was created when Gertsen & Olufsen acquired Atlas Incinerators in 2014. Now, G&O Compensators are part of G&O Maritime Group’s Propulsion Management division. Together we strive to make vessels a greener and safer place to work.


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Part of G&O Maritime Group

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