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With our vibration compensators, it is possible to eliminate damaging vibrations from two-stroke engines or propellers. Reducing vibrations increases operational flexibility, lowers maintenance costs, reduces fuel consumption and improves crew health.

G&O Compensators

At Gertsen & Olufsen Compensators, we believe in staying ahead of sustainable solutions and improving your maritime fleets and workforce welfare by lessening harmful vibrations.

Gertsen & Olufsen is the market leader in vibration compensation onboard vessels, and our products are renowned for their extreme operational excellence and reliability.

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Part of G&O Maritime Group

G&O Maritime group was created when Gertsen & Olufsen acquired Atlas Incinerators in 2014. Now, G&O Compensators are part of G&O Maritime Group’s Propulsion Management division. Together we strive to make vessels a greener and safer place to work.

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G&O Compensators

It is important to us to support our customers during the green transition of the maritime industry.

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